Adhesive labels

Get your customers' attention on the shelf to generate interest.

Present in the food industry, as well as in industry, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, the adhesive label is the main vector of communication and promotion of packaging as varied as bottles, cans, cases ... made in all types of materials.

Because 82% of the purchase decision is made in-store, at the very moment of purchase, labels are very important to get the attention of customers on the shelf, to arouse their interest and to trigger the act of purchase.

MGI offers a wide range of digital printing and finishing presses for reel-to-reel or sheet-fed labels, adapted to the different adhesive label markets.

Short and medium runs, variable data, long runs, versioning: MGI technologies allow the production of high value-added labels, which, when affixed to all kinds of packaging, make a difference on the shelf.

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