The AlphaJET is the industrial printing industry's first ever Factory 4.0 solution.
AlphaJET, a single pass to print, varnish and gild in 72×110 (B1+)

The AlphaJET is an integrated production line, including printing and finishing of B1 (72x110mm) sheets, from 135g/m2 to 2mm thick, using digital 100% processes:

This 4.0 printing solution integrates in one pass:

  • Full color printing aqueous inkjet 1600 dpi
  • UV selective varnish 100% digital, flat or embossed
  • Protective varnish OPV
  • Hot gilding 100% digital flat or embossed

The AlphaJET is integrated in the production flow of the printers, and unifies, in only one operation, a cycle of production until now carried out on various machines, even subcontracted. This 4.0 printing plant eliminates process breaks and intermediate times. Developed with eco-responsibility in mind, it uses fully de-inkable inks and varnishes, and uses recyclable hot foil stamping!

AlphaJET, photo of MGI Digital Technology's equipment seen from the front in perspective
Print heads of the AlphaJET

Controlled by a simple and intuitive interface, replicated on any smartphone or tablet, the AlphaJET allows to realize in a single pass, complex prints with high added value. A single setting allows to obtain a sheet ready for finishing. Thanks to its versatility and flexibility of use, the AlphaJET addresses markets as diverse as those of:

  • of Commercial Printing
  • from Web to Print
  • Packaging
  • of the Photo Print
  • of Outsourcing
  • of the Edition.
AlphaJET, a unified flow eliminating process breaks and intermediate times

The AlphaJET is the first unified, 100% digital workflow, integrating printing and finishing in a single set-up.

Initiator of theIndustrial Printing 4.0The AlphaJET can produce all types of printed matter and packaging, from a few copies to several tens of thousands of sheets, in B1 format.

Driven by a single operator, MGI's Factory 4.0 carries out in line the operations of high definition quadri printing, UV selective varnish, hot gilding flat or in relief, in fixed and variable data.

With the Single Pass process of the AlphaJETWith this new technology, it is now possible to obtain a printed, varnished and gilded sheet, ready for finishing, in a single set-up.

AlphaJET wired view of the equipment with module numbering

MGI Digital Technology: printing growth again. 10% of profit: to achieve this performance, which is regularly awarded in the industry, MGI Digital spends, on average, 20% of its annual turnover on R&D in IT, colorimetry, chemistry, or electronics. Its latest machine, the AlphaJET, is a unique printing station that can replace four traditional presses (...). It prints, varnishes, foils and adds holograms up to 1,800 B1 sheets per hour. After eight years of development, it is ready.
Echoes - invest

In the presence of the editorial staff of the magazine "Caractère", Edmond Abergel, the president and founder of MGI Digital Technology, the French company behind the creation of the JETvarnish machines, announced the marketing of its latest innovation: the AlphaJET. This is a production line that combines printing and recovery operations in a single pass (details revealed in the October issue of "Caractère").
Caractère, the website for print professionals

"Factory 4.0" is the description of MGI chief operating officer Victor Abergel, who says the complete AlphaJet system will handle all cardboard, corrugated and label making and finishing operations in a single unit, potentially with a single operator, instead of needing three or four separate machine stages.

The AlphaJet is an inkjet printing and finishing machine for B1 sheets, characterized by a circular architecture with trays going from one station to another.
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