Stand out in this traditional and rapidly changing market with MGI's 100% digital technologies.

The book market is one of the traditional markets of the printing sector, which has undergone one of the greatest changes in recent years, with the decline in unit print runs, the emergence of new players and the strong development of books on demand.

In a market where the publication of titles has never been so important and where bookstores are overwhelmed by the schedule of new releases, the book cover has become one of the most effective ways to distinguish a book on the shelf and to facilitate sales.

In this field, MGI has a whole range of digital printing and finishing presses, allowing the creation of outstanding covers, integrating UV selective varnish and hot stamping.

MGI's 100% digital technologies offer versatility of use, from large runs or print-on-demand, to prototyping, offprints and variable data printing to make book covers that are all different!

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