Peerprint chooses MGI

Digital Enveloping - Peerprint, Israel's leading wine label printer, chooses MGI

Although the first wines produced in Israel date back to biblical times, the development of Israeli viticulture dates back to the end of the 19th century, when Baron Edmond de Rothschild decided to develop a local wine industry in 1882.

Today, the wine sector is particularly dynamic, with 250 wineries exporting to the whole world, very diverse wines, from 5 wine regions with very marked characters.

Founded in 1942, Peerprint has specialized in the wine label market from the beginning, with Carmel Winery (Rothschild) as its very first client, expanding over the years in parallel with the growth of local production. A family business run by Adi Levy (3e generation) and employing nearly 50 employees, Peerprint implements a strategy of One Stop ShopThe aim of the company is to offer producers all the skills they may need to help them promote their wines at the point of sale.

"Wine producers, whether they are part of a group or independent, as well as cooperatives, must constantly juggle production, marketing and sales of their wines, which is not always easy. Their activity depends on weather conditions and they are subject to competition that is all the more intense because it is international," explains Adi Levy.

"In this context, our strategy is to facilitate the promotion of their wines, by offering a complete service: Peerprint includes a design agency, a packaging studio, and produces dry labels as well as adhesive labels, cardboard boxes, displays and POS, which are essential to promote the bottles in stores.

On the printing side, Peerprint has two HP 6800 digital presses and a Komori H-UV 75 x 105 cm sheet-fed press, while its finishing workshop uses traditional equipment - embossing, hot foil stamping, silk-screening - through 4 finishing lines GM, ABG and Prati... Equipment that was enriched, last September, with a digital roll-to-roll finishing press from the French manufacturer MGI Digital Technology, the JETvarnish 3D Web.

For Adi Levy, this investment had become essential: "We have been following the developments of the JETvarnish 3D Web from the beginning, and what we saw at LabelExpo 2017 really appealed to us. Our goal was to maintain our industry leadership, and digital finishing was a major comparative advantage for us.

In June 2018 we confirmed the order, and received the JETvarnish 3D Web in September of the same year." In a commoditized market, Peerprint wanted to differentiate itself, offering new services to its customers, thanks to the 100% digital UV coating and hot foil stamping process, flat or embossed, of the JETvarnish 3D Web.

"The JETvarnish 3D Web allows us to offer things that we could not do before," says Levy. "Flat or embossed varnishes, embossing effects or hot foil stamping, on short and medium runs. The average print run so far on the JETvarnish is 15,000 labels, with a minimum of 200 - labels made for an event - and a maximum of 50,000. It goes without saying that the implementation of the versioning campaign should allow us to go beyond that in the coming months.

If the quality of the finishing offered by the JETvarnish 3D Web of MGI seduced Peerprint - in particular the regularity of the application of the varnish, whether it is flat or in relief, and the great smoothness of the gilding - its durability was a major point for the Israeli printer: "During the process of purchasing the JETvarnish" explains Adi Levy, "a point that impressed us was the durability of the MGI coating, as the bottles can collide in the boxes during transport. The tests that we conducted fully satisfied us, removing the last question that was ours before the signature!

Operational for a few months, the JETvarnish 3D Web from Peerprint has quickly found its place, whose high-tech features are a perfect match for the two HP 6800 digital presses.

This integration went all the better since MGI's customer service was praised by the printing company's teams, Adi Levy concludes: "The commissioning of the JETvarnish 3D Web went perfectly, and we can only praise the attentiveness, availability and professionalism of MGI's teams. It is important for us to be able to count on our suppliers on a daily basis, as our own customers can count on us."